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Puppy/Adult Dog Application

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Puppy / Adult Dog Enquiry Form

Please understand that puppies and adult dogs cannot be produced to order, and sometimes there will be a long wait before you are considered for a puppy. There are no professional breeders of Lucas Terriers. Once a breeder has a litter on the way they will contact suitable potential owners direct. It is up to the breeders who they select from the long list.

Please note that this enquiry service is run on a non-commercial and part-time basis - you may have to wait for some time before getting a response.

First Name
Post Code
Email (mandatory)

Would you like a Dog or Bitch? Dog Bitch Either
Do you intend to breed from the Lucas Terrier? Yes No
Would you consider taking an older Lucas Terrier? Yes No
Are you a member of the Lucas Terrier Club? Yes No
Do you already have (or have you owned) a Lucas Terrier? Yes No

Do you know someone with a Lucas Terrier
(give their name, in case we’ve lost touch with them?

Why do you want a Lucas Terrier?

You may either e-mail this form or print and send it to:
Lucas Terrier Club, 8-9 Etchilhampton, Devizes, Wiltshire, SN10 3JJ

For postal applications only:


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