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As a breed Lucas Terriers are remarkably healthy, and they generally live to 12-14 years of age or more. Our oldest is 17¼ and still going strong! We also have a very strong membership and so have a golden opportunity to do the very best for growing the breed to an easily sustainable level.

BUT, this depends on all of you keeping the Club informed about any health developments which affect your Lucas Terrier. The more information you feedback, as soon as anything occurs, the more accurately we can plan ideal mating pairs and the stronger the breed will become. It makes no difference whether you have bred from your dog or not - the information is vital for any related ones.

Conversely, gaps in our knowledge will allow conditions such as Primary Lens Luxation (PLL), Intervertebral Disc Disease (IVDD), jaw malocclusion, hernias, cancers, tumours, Cushings Disease and the like to perpetuate. All of these exist in other breeds too, so I don’t want to give the false impression that Lucas Terriers are unhealthy - but with your help we could be one of the healthiest.

Whenever anything serious affects your Lucas Terrier would you please complete the simple online form below and send it back to the Club Sec? It will only take moments to do, and could mean the difference between a long and a short life to many Lucas Terriers in the future. Don’t worry if you have already reported it - better than missing something. The Club Sec may contact you to discuss anything you highlight.

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