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Fee Payment

The Club

Membership Fees

1. Membership is for the calendar year – January to December
2. Due 1 September for the following year (£20)
3. New members joining from January to June pay full membership fee (£20)
4. New members joining from July to December pay part membership fee (£15)

Membership is only open to owners of registered Lucas Terriers, or potential owners who are waiting to receive their puppy from a breeder who is a member.  The Club reserves the right to turn down any application for membership, for any reason.

Method of Application (ONLY once you own a Lucas Terrier)

For initial membership please complete and return the Online Renewal Form or print, complete and mail the hardcopy version. Once your membership is approved, return to this page and follow Payment Methods. Once payment has cleared, you will be emailed access details for the Members’ Only part of the website. If you are still looking for a Lucas Terrier you need to complete a Puppy / Adult Dog Enquiry Form instead.

Payment Methods

You can pay by any of the following methods, but not until your Membership Application is accepted:

1. UK Sterling cheque, payable to ‘Lucas Terrier Club’ and sent to the Club’s address

2. Electronic Transfer from your bank account to the Lucas Terrier Club bank account (details supplied separately).  Use your surname as reference in the transaction, and email enquiries to notify the Club of the transaction

3. It would help if you were to set up a standing order for membership fees, but please make it take effect before 31 December as I will be nagging you after that!

4. PayPal (details below).  Use your surname as reference in the transaction, and email enquiries to notify the Club of the transaction

5. Overseas members are asked to pay any bank and conversion charges before transferring money.  The Club should receive the equivalent of the appropriate UK membership fee.

Annual Show
Only open to members who are paid up for the current year

Puppy Prices
£1000 per puppy, whether dog or bitch (payable to breeder direct, not via the Club)

Please only use this if you do NOT have a UK bank account. For UK residents please use the bank details on the hard copy Membership Application form or complete an Online Application

Month of Joining


Last updated 20 Jan 16

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